THE 11


Logo, Branding Design, Outdoor Signage & Retail Marketing Imagery – design, production, installation.


A signed lease agreement with the Shops at Don Mills, required visual marketing imagery to cover 30% of the store space. This was a bike store that didn’t want to look or feel like any other bike store. “I don’t want images of cyclists, or bicycles at all for that matter.” explained the shop owner.

I created a series of images that were small sections of famous bike tours in Europe. Not a single person or bike was used. The idea was to set a stage and transform the customers to those tours. Knowing the target market and what makes them tick is key. The 11 sells very high end racing bikes. The customer is someone who watches these tours religiously and trains to one day ride like the pros.


Overhearing a customer describe how he felt walking into the 11 for the first time.

I stood in front of these giant prints, completely forgetting where I was. I had cycled two of these roads myself and recognized them immediately. I imagined myself there, riding on the edge of the mountain,”

I had no idea the impact of a single slice of road could have. Letting the customers fill in the gaps with their own feelings and experiences really made this project successful.