I'm not one to be restricted by a single job title...

I work in art direction, production, packaging, printing, planning, installation and creative support for retail and event design. I work closely with event designers and small business owners to come up with and develop visual ideas and concepts, then design and make them. This can be transforming a retail or event space, producing a one off custom piece, or designing a production plan for a larger project.

I trained as a graphic designer and quickly specialized in packaging design and art direction. As I art directed more photo-shoots and had my hand in the planning, building and production of the sets, I discovered my passion was in the process. It was the complete project, from concept to end consumer, with all the planning and problem solving along the way that fascinated me. It seemed quite fitting for me to shift my focus into more retail and event design.

I have great spatial awareness and can visualize in 3D in my mind. Transforming a space or setting a stage comes quite easily for me. I love this type of work. Every project is different and has it’s own unique set of challenges. My experience and artistic talent give me the ability to uniquely refine creative experiences for my clients, guests and customers.